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Watch Movie - Three: Love, Lies and Betrayal


Three- Love, Lies and Betrayal is a film about what takes place within a house that is located in Purple Lake. The story revolves around Anjini Dutt (Nausheen Ali Sardar) the wife of Rajeev Dutt (Akshay Kapoor). Anjini is a violin teacher who runs the house with whatever she earns. However, Rajeev earns a small amount of money and lives on Anjini's earnings. This leads to frustration in their relationship. Finally, Rajeev gains the courage to ask Anjini to sell the house and give him the money to invest in business. This enrages Anjini because the house is the only connection she has...

Watch Now Part 1
Watch Now Part 2

Watch Now Part 1
Watch Now Part 2


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